Simple Keyboard Tips for Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word made easier with these easy-to-learn tips and tricks.

Most people are familiar with Microsoft Word.  As one of the most common tools on our desktop, we become well acquainted with the program, whether through careful study or trial and error.

Nevertheless, there are many hidden functions within Microsoft Word that you might not be aware of.  For example, there are a variety of command keys that you can execute on your keyboard while in Microsoft Word that allow you to create and modify documents in half the time.


Tips: Formatting a Document



Select Everything

Highlights all text in a document thereby allowing you to format, remove, and edit.


Delete Everything

Delete large portions of a document.  Highlighting section(s) of text and then executing Ctrl-X will delete that portion of the text from the document.


Undo Last Action

Corrects mistakes in your typing by automatically undoing the last action performed.


Find and Replace a Word in Document

Opens up the Find and Replace window allowing you to find word(s) contained within the document and replace it with a different word(s).


Insert Hyperlink

Open up the Hyperlink window allowing you to insert a link into your document


Margin Indent

Indent the text margins in the document.


Tips: Document Styling



Change Font

Brings up the Font window allowing you to change the font style, size, colour, and effects.


Bold Text

Automatically bolds a highlighted portion of text.


Italics text

Automatically italicizes a highlighted portion of text


Underline Text

Automatically underlines a highlighted portion of text


Justified text

Justifies the text and distributes it evenly across the page of the document.


Align Right

Moves the text to the right hand side of the page.


Align Left

Moves the text to the left hand side of the page.


Center Text

Moves text to the center of the page.


Tips: Saving and Opening Documents



Open New Document

Automatically opens a new Word document


Save Changes to Document

Automatically saves the document you are working on.

Enabling this function will save over any previous versions of the document so that only the most recent version is available.


Close Document

Will close the document you are working on.  If you have not saved the document, the program will prompt you to save before closing.



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