document management

A document management system (DMS) is an interface between your file system and your application programs. It helps everyone to work from the same context when saving and retrieving documents. Triella is a Worldox reseller with over 13 installations of Worldox – all successful. Why use Worldox?

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1. Allows email‚ documents‚ faxes and voice mail all to be stored with the matter. We call it matter centric filing.
2. Allows all versions of a document to be maintained throughout the transaction.
3. Provides rapid and rich search features for locating documents quickly including full text search.
4. Has the lowest cost of ownership of any document management system.
5. Is effective servicing a small firm of 5 people or a large firm of 500 people.
6. Has extranet capability allowing you to share documents with your clients easily or access documents directly from your mobile device.
7. Allows everyone in the business to save files in the same consistent way using Cabinets:
case mgmt cabinets

case study

“The results were tremendous. Initially there was the normal amount of resistance to change, but everyone caught on quickly and within a month had an “aha” moment where they realized the benefits and wondered: How did we manage without this?” Jan Chaffay – Houser, Henry & Syron LLP