You’re a firm that needs to produce a lot of documents. You have pressure from your clients to keep your costs to them to a minimum – in some cases they dictate what you can charge! How do you increase profitability without raising fees. The obvious answer is to reduce expenses. Traditional expense reduction only goes so far – what needs to be done is to reduce the expense of document production. Get more work done with the same number of people and push the work down to the lowest cost resource. This is what Caseflow, our Case Management system can do for your firm.

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Caseflow allows your firm to systematize its routine processes.

Limitation dates, document preparation and managing communication with the client can all be done by defining the workflow within Caseflow. Not only does it reduce the cost of production but it also reduces risk since documents are always created correctly and limitation dates are never missed. It’s the modern way to handle work in a law firm or any document intensive business.

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Caseflow connects with all of the systems used within the firm – from accounting to document management to scanning:


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It allows information on a matter to be entered and then processed against a standard workflow. And Caseflow works right from the familiar Outlook Interface:

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It keeps a chronology of everything happening on the matter from all users. Are you a partner wanting to know what is going on with all of the cases you are managing? Caseflow provides a macro view with that detail. Are you an Associate or Law Clerk needing to get the next thing done? A prioritized list appears under My Tasks:

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If you are asking yourself these questions on behalf of your firm, you need to talk to us about Caseflow:

How do I balance client pressure to discount fees while maintaining the profitability of our work?
How can I do more with the people I have without making them rush work or take risks?
Is there some way that I can get 'our way' of doing things embedded into everyday file handling so we deliver on our commitments?
What am I going to do to win work in a market of increasing competitiveness?
How can I ensure that documents leaving the firm are always accurate?

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