business continuity

A lot of people think that backup alone is sufficient for business continuity or disaster recovery – but it isn’t. A backup system is in place to allow you to recover from any event, be it building, hardware or software related. Triella has created Becon Backup™ specifically to address the recovery needs of small and medium sized businesses – and it is bulletproof. Our recovery system features:

1. Multiple backups a day per server without impacting the performance of the system.
2. Automatic testing of the backup each time it is conducted.
3. Image based backup so it captures all programs‚ application settings and data in a moment of time.
4. Off site replication of backup data to a Canadian data centre.
5. Off site recovery of your entire system in a maximum of 36 hours.
6. On site recovery of files‚ folders‚ servers‚ mailboxes or SQL databases in seconds.
7. Back up physical or virtual servers (VMware‚ Hyper V‚ XenServer).
8. Complete monitoring and problem resolution by Triella.

From megabytes to 60TB, Becon Backup™ is the last backup system that you will ever have to install. And, you can be confident that you can recover your systems when needed – even from CryptoLocker style viruses. Never pay a ransom – ever!

To learn more about Becon Backup™ or to obtain a free 30 day trial of the system, please call us at 647.426.1004.