Technology Spotlight: Anki Cozmo


Your new robotic best friend.

Similar to 2015’s BB-8, this past year saw the arrival of a new robotic toy, the Anki Cozmo.  The miniature robot, which can perform a variety of tricks and activities, is gaining popularity among both the young and older generations.

The Anki Cozmo, or Cozmo,  is considered to have the personality of an animated character encased inside a robot.  It very similar, in fact, to WALL-E from the Disney-Pixar animated film.


What Can the Anki Cozmo Do?

It’s capable of following motion, moving from one location to another on its tread wheels, lifting its head and blinking its eyes, and emitting excited, musical sounds.

Cozmo is also able to play a variety of games.  The robot comes with small cubes decorated with computer code.  Through the Cozmo mobile application specifically designed for the device, Cozmo is able to interact with these cubes, move around them, pick them up and stack them, topple them, etc.  As it learns, Cozmo is able to adapt and better perform games and tasks, unlocking new features and functionalities on the application.





The Internet and Anki Cozmo: Match Made in Heaven

Most of Cozmo’s capability come from using a Wi-Fi connection, which when linked to a smartphone, allows it to have better mobility and spatial awareness. It’s important to note that connection between Cozmo and your phone is crucial, it will not work without it.

The application also contains a remote-control mode.  Through your smartphone or mobile device, you are able to move Cozmo around and look at objects through its camera-eyes.  The robot is even capable of identifying the user when the camera-eyes are focused on the person in question.



Currently, the cost of Cozmo is $179.99 (USD) and can be found in major online retailers such as Amazon and Toys’R’Us.

Cozmo’s functionality and wide variety of skills are great fun and open up possibilities for what future versions or similar robotic toys could be like.



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